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About UsOur ProgramsOur ImpactNews Eligibility


Success Spotlight
Debra is a 28 year old mother with an 8 year old daughter who was facing homelessness. On August 5, 2013, she came to Project Community Connections Inc (PPCI) after being referred by a case manager at Nicholas more here.
Making a Difference in Atlanta

PCCI collaborates with local partners to develop new and innovative practices to improve and enhance local homeless services.  We work to be a housing advocate for our clients, to demonstrate success through our actions, and to make a positive difference in the lives of our consumers.  Since 1998, we have re-housed thousands of men, women, and children across Atlanta experiencing homelessness.  Last year alone we helped over 540 people find stable and affordable housing.    

To learn more about PCCI's impact in the community, check out the Our Impact page!
Helping families find home again.

Project Community Connections, Inc. (PCCI) specializes in connecting our consumers with a place to call home. PCCI assists individuals and families experiencing homelessness with permanent housing placements and connections to mainstream resources.